Saturday, September 20, 2008

New blog name

With the wrapping-up of my relationship with Central Presbyterian Church, I need to change the focus of my blog, which will remain at the same internet address as before.

Welcome to "Not So Reserved", a blog with a (perhaps temporary) name that reminds me that sometimes our perceptions may be exaggerated. During hurricane season there are lots of stories told about people in coastal areas who do not take seriously the warnings that it is time to evacuate from their homes. Of course, around here the warnings of severe weather (promoted by weather programs sponsored by Giant Eagle) are also taken with a grain of salt, but people still flock to the supermarkets to stock up on the necessities in case just in case the predictions come true.

Around here they also used to warn people that I was a reserved pastor. Maybe those warnings were exaggerations as well.

Current mood: so-so, but hopeful; with a rating of 3 flowers.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The workspace of a 21st Century quilter

Photograph of items resting on quilt being made: eyeglasses, needles and pins, thread, cell phoneThis is a picture I took during one of last-month's gatherings of the Central Quilters. When they are working on a quilt that is on a quilting frame, the horizontal surface doubles as a table holding the various small tools that might be needed.

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Don't say you never found a coupon on my blog


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