Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tarentum lively on a Sunday evening

While I was in the middle of some final preparations for a Service of Witness to the Resurrection to take place Monday morning, I made a Sunday evening trip back to the Central Presbyterian Church in Tarentum.

After doing half of the printing job I walked over to Central Perk for a cup of coffee. From the crowd of young people I could tell something big was up. There was positive energy in the room with a lot of loud music coming up through the floor from the "Dungeon." This was one of the evenings when there was a series of local bands playing. It was great to see so many people interacting positively with each other while the lively music from below kept my feet vibrating.

I had some nice conversations while I drank my coffee. One of the teenagers present has been a volunteer with the Vacation Bible School at Central Presbyterian Church in years past and was talking with me about her excitement at helping again this year. I also met for the first time a pair of youth ministers from Christ Community Fellowship, in Natrona Heights. They were in the neighborhood to talk to some of the bands.

Drumming on Fourth AvenueOn my way home I caught sight of something that exemplified the positive feeling of the evening: a drummer with one of the bands waiting to play was warming up, with the wonderful sounds of percussion filling the narrow Fourth Avenue.

As I travelled a little further I met up with friends going home from the Tarentum Campground where the Zion's Men's Chorus had been performing.

Tarentum is indeed a lively place on a Sunday evening.

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