Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What do you think is the answer for the Tiger Ranch?

The local news here in Tarentum has been filled with coverage of the nearby Tiger Ranch. The Valley News Dispatch carried the story on Friday of the raid on the local no-kill shelter, and it has been in the paper daily since then.

The owner, Linda Bruno, is facing charges, but she before she gets to trial she is also being tried in the media. The information in the initial coverage of the story has been inaccurate and slanted. When the raid first happened we were told that almost 700 pets were being abused. It turns out that the total number of pets seized is about half that, and it is yet to be established how many of the seized animals were actually neglected.

A Chicago Tribune story tried to make the Tiger Ranch seem like something sinister, describing it as "fortress-like." As if no other animal shelter tries to maintain the security of the animals it is holding.

Many of the animals seized were sick. As if other well-run shelters never have to deal with viral outbreaks.

There are facts that still need to come out, but in the meantime the news does focus attention on the plight of unwanted pets.

So I invite you to participate in my poll. I am interested in learning what you think is the answer for unwanted pets.

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SpryMonkey said...

To support Tiger Ranch you can go to You can make a PayPal donation, view videos and sign guestbook. Also buy support pins at that say "Bring Me Back to Tiger Ranch". Proceeds help TR and Lin Marie.

Stewart said...

As the moderator of the blog, and without endorsing the Tiger Ranch, I allowed the preceding comment to be published.

I do not have any way of knowing that the websites mentioned in the comment actually sponsor the Tiger Ranch, and I advise those who want to support the Tiger Ranch to exercise care when making donations over the internet.