Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blown right into the middle of things

Portion of painting by Maritza Morgan showing personified wind blowing the arkIt has been really windy the last few days. The winds banging on my window and pushing my car when I drive around the area seem as forceful as the winds blowing in other areas of my life.

Ever since I first started to get involved with the ACC back in October, I have felt like something much bigger than me has picked me up and put me into this new situation.

Yesterday I got the final confirmation that my ACC assignment at the General Assembly will be to give the ACC's advice to Committee 06, dealing with the Form of Government Revision.

If you are interested in seeing the business that will be before that committee you can look it up on PC-Biz. Or you can use that site to look at everything else the Presbyterian General Assembly will be doing in San Jose.

And with all the attention being given to the so-called "FOG Report", I'll be somewhere in the thick of it.

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Anonymous said...

Pastor how is it that you know God is directing you to resign? If you want to resign that's fine. You are allowed to resign to do something else if you are tired of what you have been doing. It's OK. You are allowed to resign without God's intervention.