Sunday, October 26, 2008

A colorful way to deal with hunger

photo of autumn leaves through a skylight, Cooperstown, NYToday I was impressed by creativity and sensitivity at the United Presbyterian Church of New Kensington.

Aware of the needs experienced by people in the community, they are doing a special four-week appeal for their Food Pantry. Entitled "The Colors of Autumn Food Collection", they are asking people to donate donate non-perishable food items by color each week.

The first week is YELLOW and is ideal for canned corn or wax beans, canned pears (or other yellow fruit) lemn pudding or jello, egg noodles, or apple sauce.

The second week is GREEN-ORANGE, and is ideal for green beans, peas, or other canned green vegetables, pumpkin pie filling, carrots, mandarin oranges, orange jello, pistachio pudding, or macaroni and cheese.

The third week is RED, and is ideal for tomato products, strawberry or cherry jello, strawberry jam, or kidney beans.

The fourth week is BROWN, and ideal for canned tuna or canned meats, whole grain cereals, peanut butter, chocolate pudding, or baked beans.

The church bulletin had a trifold flier giving these and other suggestions for the four weeks, along with scriptural encouragement to generosity.

I thought this was a great idea for a good cause, and was very impressed.

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