Friday, May 22, 2009

Steel City Pizza has moved to Tarentum

sign for Steel City Pizza & Grille, 724-224-PIZZATonight I was in Tarentum for a wedding rehearsal, and in addition to the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple and their delightful friends, I discovered that a great pizza spot from Lower Burrell has reopened across the river.

Back in April I had noticed that the lights were out in the building on Leechburg Road where Steel City used to be located. Then the sign in front of the building was changed to say "Building for lease." I wasn't the only one to be discouraged by the apparent closure.

But tonight I learned that Steel City Pizza has moved -- into a restaurant location very familiar to me in Tarentum -- the former location of Lee's Chinese Restaurant, 415 E. 4th Ave.

When I started telling friends that I had discovered where Steel City had moved, I realized what a popular spot it had been for a lot of people. I called the restaurant to get answers to the questions people were asking.

Do they still have those wonderful bread sticks for those who eat in the dining room? Yes.

Do they still deliver to Lower Burrell? Yes, they will deliver to Lower Burrell, New Kensington, and Tarentum. The new phone number for the location in Tarentum is (724) 224-7499.

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Kaye said...

Ordered a steak salad from there two days ago. They told me to pick up in 20 min, but when I got there (in 22 min!) the doors were locked and they weren't answering the phone! I waited 10-15 min and wasted my entire lunch break! I thought I was being pranked and left. When I finally called back a half hour after that, the kid lied to me first with some lame excuse that they were in the back, but then admitted he left to make a delivery and had to lock the place up. Soooo... why tell someone they can pick up their order when you are leaving to make a delivery? Or how about just putting a sign on the door saying you will be back in 10 minutes? He offered to deliver it to me, but after 45-50 minutes I had already ordered from somewhere else. All we common people ask for is a little common courtesy!

Chynna said...

I ordered a large Steel City pizza from them last night. After waiting and calling back being lied too for nearly two hours being told that the driver was on his way. We was finally told that someone had called and cancelled the order. What a lie why would we cancel the order but still sit around hungry waiting and calling for the pizza! Terrible customer service and I will never order from them again.

nam said...

This is not owned by the same people as The original Portofino / Steel City Pizza in Lower burrell. You will not find Jos, Angie or any of the original cooks or drivers here. If you want the pizza and service you are used to , go to Portofino Pizza and Gyro on Leechburg Road in Lower Burrell in the old Roma Pizza Building! You will find the food you have been looking for!