Thursday, March 31, 2005

Good enough for ice cream

Fading Isaly's sign on Corbet street

What a glorious day it was yesterday. Unfortunately I had to spend a lot of it indoors behind windows that further limited the natural light everyone else was enjoying outdoors (at least I imagined that everyone else was enjoying it). In the middle of the afternoon I took a short walk through Riverview Park where many young families had their children outside playing in the playground. Everyone was enjoying the burst of warm and sunny weather after a long stretch of cold and/or rainy days.

Later in the afternoon at Grand Central Station, the children were still obviously excited by the change in the weather. They were far more animated than usual as Mrs. McKinley and Mrs. Lokar talked with the children about prayer, and they all were eager to name the people for whom they prayed.

Brick sidewalk in Tarentum