Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote positively

Election day is on the horizon. It is a privilege and a responsibility to vote for the best person for each position to be elected.

Some are dismayed at the choices presented to them. The choices seem particularly limited here in Pennsylvania, where the imagined risk of "ballot clutter" justifies rules that require third parties to obtain over 67,070 signatures on statewide nominating petitions, while the Republican and Democratic parties need only 2,000 signatures. When you face an uncluttered ballot are your choices really as limited as they seem? Not at all.

In yesterday's Valley News Dispatch, columnist Dimitri Vassilaros advocated voting for "None of the above" when you don't like the choices shown to you. I agree with his opinion that "Voting for evil does not honor the fallen. A principled vote does."

But voting a write-in ballot is a far more positive action than simply disapproving of the two lead choices. There are other choices if you want them. You may need to do some research to find out who they are, but they are there.

Only be sure you know the name of your write-in candicate before you get to the poll. (see this)

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