Thursday, February 22, 2007

A couple of cool things

There were more than a couple of cool things that happened in the Valley during the past month and that I have not mentioned on my blog. In the interest of catching up I want to give at least a brief mention to two of them.

Torn ticket for OklahomaFirst, last weekend the Highlands Middle School put on its production of "Oklahoma!" This was the third of the middle school musicals that I have seen and it was quite good.

I've been used to schools having a tradition of high school plays and musicals in other towns, but this is the first place where I have seen middle school young people given the opportunity to put on such significant shows.

Poster of Dr. King used at memorial serviceSecond, on Sunday, January 28, the First United Presbyterian Church in Tarentum hosted the Fortieth Annual Allegheny-Kiski Valley Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Service. It was a very snowy day, especially at the end of the service, but there was a good turnout, showing that there were people in the Valley committed to continue working for justice and equality.

The VND had a nice story on this service the following day here.

This was the first time that First United Presbyterian had hosted the service. They went the extra mile for the reception following the service; they not only provided tasty refreshments and a comfortable setting for fellowship, but they also decorated the fellowship hall in ways that were appropriate for our observance.

Centerpiece for refreshments at MLK serviceThe centerpiece on the refreshment table was a display of books about Dr. King.

On opposite walls in the fellowship hall there were displays of news clippings telling the story of the struggle for civil rights.

This was the first time I had seen a church prepare the reception area to facilitate the continuation of the worship service they were hosting, and it was appreciated.

"We shall overcome!" display of civil rights articles and stories

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