Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pajama party

Pajama party at Central Presbyterian Church, Tarentum, PAYesterday afternoon Central Presbyterian Church kicked off Grand Central Station for 2007 with a pajama party at 5:30 PM.

Grand Central Station is our mid-week Christian education program for elementary school aged kids. We were pleased that we had thirteen youngsters who came to the first day.

Pajama party at Central Presbyterian Church, TarentumThe youngsters were encouraged to wear their pajamas and to bring a favorite stuffed animal.

Sidney & NormanAfter a parachute game ice-breaker, we began the afternoon with a reading of the book Sidney & Norman by Paul Vischer. It was a great illustrated story that retold the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. It might have been aimed at an audience younger than some of the kids there who were about to finish elementary school, but I thought it went over well.

We had a simple supper of "pigs in blankets" and jello salad. The dessert was a Ho-Ho sheet-cake, and I rather suspect that it was neither transfat-free nor sugar-free.

After supper the kids went on to some further creative activities. We had our closing prayer at 7. It was good to see the energy these kids have.

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