Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heart progress

I am continuing to make progress in my cardiac rehabilitation maintenance program. I am very sensitive to how I handle transitions that might put me in a frame of mind to lose the habit of exercising three times a week. For example, when I got back from vacation I was aware of the risk that Monday morning I might tell myself that I had too much to do, so I could skip it just once. So far I am hanging in with it, and it does feel that I continue to make progress.

Last week they started introducing me to new exercise equipment for weight training. I am doing a set of eight exercises with weights: chest press, leg extensions, abdominal crunch, tricep extension, lateral row, lateral pull down, bicep curl, and leg press. These are all new exercises to me, and I understand them as exercises to build strength, while the work I did earlier had more to do with stamina. I continue to do about 45 minutes of aerobic exercises in each session.

doctor's examination roomI also had my second checkup with my cardiologist this week. I seem to be making good progress, and can switch from the large enteric aspirins daily to a baby aspirin. I don't need to see my cardiologist again for another eight months.

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Wynne said...

That is very good news. Glad to hear it.