Thursday, January 03, 2008

P & M Pizza has grand opening

hand tossed pizza at P & M Pizza in Arnold, PAToday was the grand opening for P & M Pizza at 1609 Fifth Avenue in Arnold, PA.

An Arnold institution since WWII, the restaurant has been closed for four years. Philip McKinley bought the restaurant in April last year and has used the last eight months to repair and renovate the interior. In addition, he has put much effort into recreating the distinctive taste of P & M pizza that he remembers from his youth.

This grand opening is so fresh that the restaurant does not even have printed menus. They only sell one thing — pizza — and the menu is on the wall. We ordered a hand-tossed sausage pizza with pepperoni on one side and green peppers on the other. Both sides were quite pleasing to the diners in our party. I am looking forward to going back.


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Ray Lemp said...

grew up on P&M pizza , My Uncle owned Reo's flowers shop next door.
BY FAR THE BEST TASTING PIZZA I EVER HAD. I even remember when P&M pizza was on the other side of 5th ave My sister and I always got P&M pizza when I came back home.

Stewart said...

Then you will be in for a treat the next time you are visiting in the area.