Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 Tarentum Skatepark closure

I am feeling very disappointed right now. On Saturday, Tarentum's Earth Day Cleanup went so well, with about 80 volunteers helping to clean up the litter in town.

Then on Tuesday someone told me that he had seen a lot of litter around the skatepark and had told the young people inside that they needed to get the mess cleaned up.

Yesterday afternoon I had some time to check out what was happening at the park, and was very dismayed by what I found. There was litter inside and outside the park. Even before I got out of my car I could see that there had been damage to the fence. When I walked over to the gate I saw the sign that the park was closed.


I started picking up some of the litter outside the park. A few minutes later some young people arrived, hoping to use the park, and they were disappointed to see that the park was closed. Against my advice a couple of the young children climbed over the fence to clean up the litter that was inside the park. In their minds they were doing a good thing by picking up the litter (which they were), but eventually I convinced them that they were also trespassing and needed to get out of the park.

I learned from a groundskeeper at Dreshar Stadium that "men in suits" had gone to the park that morning and were upset about what they found, and that the lockout had begun that morning.

No one seems to know who did the damage or spread the litter. Perhaps the cameras on the park will show something.

It saddens me that the local young people will be without a decent recreational facility because of the actions of unknown persons.

photo of damage to the fence at the Tarentum Skateboard Park

photo of damage to the fence at the Tarentum Skateboard Park

photo of damage to the fence at the Tarentum Skateboard Park

photo of graffiti on the sign at the Tarentum Skateboard Park

photo of graffiti on the sign at the Tarentum Skateboard Park

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Anonymous said...

i think its the senior citizens across the street. the trouble started ever since those old ppl moved in.

here's an idea: bigger trash cans.

Stewart said...

Anonymous, if I did not take the closure of the skate park so seriously and so badly, I would be laughing at your joke.

Someone has taken the time to do serious damage to this park and other parts of Tarentum's recreation complex. Although some people pretend to know something about who did it, no one is prosecuting any specific person for the damage.

The skateboarders suffer from having their park locked up completely. Other park users suffer from not having porta-potties available in the park complex. Maybe by the time the Summer Concert Series starts some of the adults in the community will start coming forward with information about who did the vandalism.

Anonymous said...

Here is one idea: Have a trash can inside the park that will hold trash and be skate able. Derr.

Anonymous said...

Im Anthony Bertino i have skated there since ot has opened it has been clean 4 while and now is in better condition you guys sould renavate it a little Also theres gona be hated skate demo there on april 18 09