Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Secret meeting of Highlands school board calls for an extra hour of daylight savings time in the district

Families in the Highlands School District will need to remember to turn their clocks ahead Sunday for an extra hour of Daylight Savings Time. The District had to call so many two hour delays this winter that the only way to make up the time was by calling for an extra hour of daylight savings time.

The school board made the decision in a secret meeting, convened without notifying the Valley News Dispatch.

Superintendent of the Highlands School District Dr. Karol Galcik explained, "The Board probably should have called the Valley before we held the meeting, but it was an emergency. This was simply something we had to do to preserve state funding. The extra hours of school between now and the end of the year will make up for the shortfall we experienced during the winter months, while providing an enhanced educational experience for our students."

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