Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blended individuality

quilt squareThe anthem this morning was a surprise for me, even though I'd heard the choir rehearsing it for a couple weeks. Margie Shutack, Carol Lynn, Jessica Mriso, Kay Fink, and Frances Elliott each sang solo parts in "The Longer I Serve Him" by Gaither. I was not familiar with the piece before I heard it, but was amazed at how beautiful it sounded with the solos blending into a chorus, shifting to other solos, and ending with a chorus that included the voices of William Pfeil and Herbert Pfeil.
One of my friends spoke with me afterward about what a pleasant surprise it was, first that there would be a solo, then discovering there would be a second, and eventually that there would be five solos. Each member of the choir made just the right contribution to the whole.

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