Friday, May 20, 2005

Reading is a Picnic

photo of cake with lettering - Reading is a picnicToday I attended the closing celebration of the Read to Me program at the Grandview Elementary School in Tarentum. This was an exciting culmination to an effort by the elementary school to encourage children to read by keeping their parents involved in their children's education. The school gave certificates and books to all of the children who fulfilled their commitment. The First, Second, and Third Grade children who read the most books for their grade won special prizes.

The celebration involved a picnic-style meal (hot dogs, chips, juice, and cake) with parents and children together. As a craft project the children decorated book bags that they would be able to use to carry their summer reading.

Every parent present was deservedly proud of the children's accomplishments.

The reason I had been invited was that Central Presbyterian Church had provided some seed money for the Title I Reading Night in January that kicked off the Read To Me program.

And by the way, there were giant ants at the picnic, but they did not eat much.

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