Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Central Park

In response to a question from Sean,
"I didn’t know Tarentum *had* a central park. Is that what they call the park along the river now?"
The park along the river is still called, appropriately enough, "Riverview Park." That park is located at the edge of the borough where some people keep boats.

quince in parkCentral Park is probably a surprise even to the borough, and is in a more central location within it, at the corner of Fourth and Allegheny Street.

Central Park is adjacent to the Central Presbyterian Church. A block away on Corbet Street one can get a nice cup of coffee and interesting conversation at Central Perk. Also within walking distance is the Tarentum Senior Center. In addition to these places whose names identify the central part of Tarentum, there are a number of other services nearby. Lee's Chinese Restaurant, Calligan's Pharmacy, Blackburn's Physician's Pharmacy, Eckerd's Pharmacy, Harrison's Men's Wear, and a number of doctor's offices are all just a short walk away.

maple in springAnd on the other side of the park from all of those businesses lies a friendly residential neighborhood where people of all ages live and walk and chat and play, and where neighbors watch out for one another's children. Just a block away is Golden Towers, one of Allegheny County's 18 high-rise communities for senior citizens.

Central Park is in a nice location. The park bench, as of this writing, is merely virtual.

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sean said...

Ah. Cool. Well, I was just there, literally 10 minutes ago, and saw your church. I go for allergy shots every week to a doctor who has his office across the street. Next time I'll look for the park.