Thursday, August 11, 2005

Blogfest 3

Tonight I decided to meet a bunch of the local bloggers at the Pittsburgh Blogfest 3. I've walked into rooms filled with strangers before. I've even walked into social gatherings filled with strangers before. This was one of those occasions where the roomful of absolutely unfamiliar faces carried the promise that I would be meeting in person many of the people whom I have been reading recently.

By the time I arrived some who already knew each other or had been introduced were already chatting. I found my way to a place where I could fill out a nametag giving my real name (which very few would recognize) and my blog's name (which some had read).

It was a good evening, with an opportunity to put faces and names to blogs. Over the course of the evening I met:
2 Political Junkies
Ales Rarus
Comments from Left Field
Creating Text(iles)
Freedom's Gate
Froth Slosh B'Gosh
Mark Rauterkus and Running Mates
My Brilliant Mistakes
I also spotted:
Aldo Coffee Company
Inner Bitch
New Carthage
Pittsburgh Dish

Over the course of the evening, all present rejoiced at the good news that Words For Snow has a new baby now eight days old. We also learned that there are now 250 weblogs listed on Pittsburgh Webloggers.

If I chatted with you and forgot to make note of your name, or if you were there without my noticing your blog, please accept my apologies. See you next time!

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