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Pittsburgh Presbytery meeting at Shadyside: 3. Welcome to new roles and responsibilities

During the meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery on February 2, 2006 at the Shadyside Presbyterian Church, the Presbytery welcomed a number of individuals into new roles and responsibilities.

Early in the meeting the Presbytery installed the Rev. Carol Divens Roth in the office of Moderator, and the Rev. Denise Mason in the office of Senior Vice Moderator.

As part of the installation service, former Moderator David Carver reminded the Presbytery of anagrams he had shared earlier. Last year we had learned that an anagram of "Presbyterians" is "Britney Spears". This time he reminded us that an anagram of "Presbyterian" is "Best in prayer"; he explained that this was not a hubristic comparison of the Presbyterian Church to other churches, but a statement that we were at our best when in prayer.

The Presbytery approved Twyla Boyer for ordination for her ministry as Temporary Supply at the Hampton Presbyterian Church; we similarly approved Robert Walkup for ordination for his ministry as chaplain for HCR Manor Care. The Presbytery approved the call of the Rev. Randall K. Bush as pastor of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church and the call of the Rev. Jeffrey J. Potter as pastor of the Parkwood United Presbyterian Church.

We also were introduced to the Rev. Karen Battle, Director of Justice Ministries and Mission, and Sharon Stewart, Director of Disciplemaking and Spiritual Growth.

The Presbytery commissioned Pastor Jim Mead to his sabbatical, encouraging him to use his time for renewing rest.

A special part of the meeting was the retirement of the Rev. Dr. Carnegie Samuel Calian. Within the Presbyterian Church the retirement of a minister is not so much a time of saying goodbye, as it is a time of recognizing that one phase of a person's has come to a close with the expectation that the individual will continue to exercise his or her gifts in new and creative ways through the church. A number of speakers told about the ways God had used Dr. Calian to call people into their own paths of service. The whole Pittsburgh community is aware of Dr. Calian's contributions to church life in the region.

God's introduction of each of these individuals into new roles within the Presbytery makes us a new community empowered for mission.

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