Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wolverines are not devils

Poster in window, corner Fifth & Lock, Tarentum
Before the mystery gets too deep and confusing, the poster above was spotted recently in the window of a building in Tarentum that has appeared abandoned and vacant for years.

In a couple of weeks the store that will open in that building will be Superior Sports Cards, which is moving from the Highland Mall in Natrona Heights.

The poster was initially identified on the internet as a cartoon of Satan. I think there is a simpler explanation.

Perhaps the poster is a depiction of the graphic novel character Wolverine.

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W. said...

Oh, sure, fine, if you're going to go inside and ask questions and be all logical about it.

Wasn't it more fun to imagine Hurley started a strange, Tarentum devil cult?

Stewart said...

Actually, the only question I asked when I went inside was to find out when they were opening. Honest.

The Wolverine stuff was a lucky guess that led me to an answer through Google's image search.

And I still don't know what Hurley was actually doing in there.

W. said...

Well, Hurley is a comic book fan, we found out in his flashback episode last season.

Stewart said...

The comic books might be an explanation. But think about this: when the store opens they will also be selling candles.