Tuesday, October 10, 2006

People want to get involved through the Tarentum Borough Council

Last night I was able to attend part of the Tarentum Borough Council's agenda meeting. This was a meeting at which the various borough council committees processed the business that would come to the Borough Council meeting next Monday.

One of the items on the agenda was to interview people who had expressed an interest in the Second Ward seat on the Council that had become vacant when William Rossey began work as the borough manager. There were three applicants for the advertised position. One was man I had never seen at borough council meetings before, who said he has lived in Tarentum for about ten years. The other two were long-term residents; one a former member of council who had served a number of terms, and the other a younger member of a family that has been active in Tarentum politics for scores of years.

In the interviews I noticed common themes of wanting to get involved at a new level, caring about cleaning up problems, and concern about how to make Tarentum a good place for families with children.

For all the problems people see around Tarentum, it struck me that there is a genuine strength in the spirit of wanting to get involved - a spirit shared by people who have lived here for a few years or for many.

Next Monday the Council will select the person to fill the vacant seat. That person will serve a partial term until December 31, 2007, and would need to campaign in the 2007 municipal election in order to be elected to a second term.

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