Friday, October 06, 2006

Tarentum Skatepark Groundbreaking next week

I just learned from Blank Skate that the groundbreaking for the Tarentum Skatepark has been scheduled for this coming Wednesday, October 11 at 2:00 PM.

Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and other invited state, county and local officials, together with local skateboarders will be present.

Update (10-07-06): I just learned that the Tarentum Borough Council has the understanding that the groundbreaking is Tuesday at 2:30 PM. I don't know the reason for the confusion. More info as it becomes available.

The good news is that the groundbreaking is going to happen one way or the other next week.

(Update 10-08-06): According to a comment posted below the groundbreaking is actually Wednesday.

Total confusion. But I am still glad that the project will move forward with appropriate hoopla on whichever day.

(Update 10-9-06): The information keeps flip-flopping. This post shows my current understanding of what is happening, with information I believe to be incorrect stricken out.

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Elphie said...

Sorry to do this to you, but, I just received a letter from the Boro informing me of the ground breaking on Wednesday, October 11, at 2:00 p.m.. I am not sure myself of the confusion surrounding the two dates. More to follow...

Anonymous said...


You expected this of course... I just received word that the groundbreaking is Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006 at 2:30. I will stay in touch.