Saturday, March 25, 2006

The lone BANANA of Tarentum

Valley News Dispatch, March 25, 2006, p. A8 editorial "Kids bring parents"Today's Valley News Dispatch has a great editorial on the astonishing ongoing opposition to the Tarentum Skate Park by Mayor James Wolfe.

In my own wanderings around Tarentum, the "elderly mayor" is the only senior citizen I have found who voices opposition to the skate park.

I concur with the VND editor's assessment of this opposition as "odd."

Once upon a time I had heard about NIMBY-ism, where the acronym stands for Not In My Back Yard. More recently I learned about the BANANA mentality: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

It is encouraging to see the skate park project moving forward even against the mayor's opposition.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor,
You have obviously not talked to many of the senior citizens that live in my high-rise.The Mayor is a good man and has had the vote of many of us seniors for years.I too am for the youth and would like to see something for them.Why did you put the "elderly mayor" in quotes.Do you have something against the elderly having the right to say how they feel.It seems you have your say but have problems with the Mayor.He has done a great job and yes he like you is getting older.I have passed copies of what you have said about the "elderly mayor" around and intend to bring them to the attention of the others in Tarentum.Can you ever say anything about us or is it in your opinion we are just elderly and should not be listened to.By the way the Mayor first name is James not Banana.

Stewart said...

I put the words "elderly mayor" in quotes because the Valley News Dispatch editorial on which I was commenting used that phrase.

I do not have anything against the elderly. I agreed with the sentiments in the editorial on which I was commenting, but so far it is my experience that Mayor James Wolfe is the only senior citizen who is voicing opposition to the skatepark project anywhere in Tarentum. His opposition does not seem to me to be representative of the other senior citizens in Tarentum.

He is entitled to voice his opinion, but his opinion does seem to be a form of the BANANA mentality: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

Xxelda said...


Nobody is disputing whether or not the Mayor is a good man. The question is 'why is so opposed to putting in a recreation area for the kids? What does the location of your high rise have to do with the location of the skatepark? The location of the new skatepark is next to the ball field. All summer long the kids are yelling and screaming during the games. The trucks are far noisier than the kids will ever be. Ball games and trucks go on until all hours of the night. The skatepark will have hours limited to daylight to dusk.

The article did use the phrase "elderly mayor". Take that up with them. Or did you have a better discription of him? I hope you did tell everyone you handed that article out to was informed that the term was coined by the VND so they get the credit.

He wants them to close down the Tarena. He claims there is a lot of loud and disrupting noise from there. I don't see it. I was there just recently and it was very controlled, very structured and very entertaining. There were two birthday parties in operation and there were families there with their children. I walk past there quite ferquently and have never witnessed anything close to a disturbance. And yet, he is always whining about the place.

His campagin issues included ones where he was in favor of new businesses in town, supporting the already exsisting ones, and more family involvement in the town and it's activities. So, again, why the opposition?

I also did not realize he was representing the senior citizens in this town. Or at least do not recall that we had a committee to represent just the seniors in town. He hasn't spoken with me or any one I know on this issue. His opinion at the meetings are just that, his. Instead of talking with just the seniors and excluding the rest of the residents, why doesn't he speak to us also? We pay taxes, we vote. We have a voice. He wouldn't be in office if we didn't. Not just the seniors voted for this guy.

Whether or not he is a good man has nothing to do with this issue. He needs to step back, remember his position, remember what his job is, and make a decision that will benefit us all.