Monday, March 20, 2006

Superior Sports Cards getting ready to open

Superior Sports Cards at corner of Fifth and Lock in Tarentum, PAToday they were putting up a sign at the new location of Superior Sports Cards in Tarentum. It is great to see the sign that now announces the new business that has been expected to open in that location for some time. The sign is a welcome explanation to the activity around the store after the mysterious appearance of a poster in the window last month.

Drew Jonczak told me that he expected the store to open in a couple weeks — by Saturday, April 1, if I understood him correctly.

He showed me around the inside of the store, where he is still getting ready. The landmark building was once the location of Chapman's Pharmacy, and he has retained the original racks that were used for dispensing medicines. He is also using signs that once had been on the exterior of the building to decorate the interior.

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