Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sports Card business to move into Tarentum

Today's Valley News Dispatch carries a news story by Jason Walker with the title "Highland Mall still open for business." Although much of the story is a reminder that the remaining businesses at the Highland Mall are still open to assist customers until January 31, the highlight of the story for me was movement of business into Tarentum.

Superior Sports Cards is moving to Tarentum from the Highland Mall. former CC's Antiques building, corner Fifth and Lock, TarentumThe 18-year old business is moving to the CC's antique building at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Lock Street in Tarentum. The building is one of the examples of charming architecture in town.

The wall of the building along Lock Street has an attractive growth of ivy.

The move is likely to be welcomed by neighbors in Tarentum because the location has been vacant for some time.

ivy growth on Lock StreetI welcome the arrival of this business into Tarentum because it will be one more store that complements the existing businesses in downtown Tarentum, and it also does not duplicate any of the stores in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills. It will be another store I can add to my developing list of things that can be done in downtown Tarentum but not at the Galleria.

The store will be across the street from a pediatric clinic, and next door to a professional building. It will be in easy walking distance to Joan's Kiln Korner, the Tarentum Station, the Corbet Street Central Perk, and the Eckerd's Pharmacy. It is just three blocks from Central Presbyterian Church. The neighborhood is looking up.

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