Sunday, September 04, 2005

Don't make us sing this song

This morning at Central Presbyterian Church in Tarentum we used the video "Don't Make Us Sing This Song" made by Ecclesia Houston where Chris Seay is pastor. The song in the video is sung by Lori Chafee (Waterdeep) and is based on the words of Psalm 137; the video features scenes of hurricane survivors and is from VJ Travis Reed ( The video is quite moving.

I learned about the video from TallSkinnyKiwi here. The video itself is free to use and the zipped video file can be downloaded here.

The disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina looks like it may lead to the largest internal displacement of US refugees in history.

In addition to encouraging monetary gifts through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Deacons of Central Presbyterian Church are sponsoring the assembly of kits for people being relocated to shelters. The Personal Health Kits will contain basic personal hygeine items; the Hope-In-a-Box kits for children will include similar items as well as a few specific small toys and writing/drawing materials. Members of the church are invited to bring the items to the church where the deacons will assemble the various kits and ship them to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for distribution.

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Apostle John said...

Great idea about the kits!