Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Which part of "Stop" do you not understand?

This is a series of photos after a traffic incident at approximately 4:00 PM today at the intersection of Corbet Street and 4th Avenue in Tarentum.
Intersection of Corbet St and 4th Ave
This is how the intersection looks when it is free of traffic (some of the time) and marauding alligators from Brackenridge (most of the time).
Police car and vehicle against building
Officer, I'm sure the bar was not in the middle of the intersection when the stop sign turned green.
Van vs. Praha
Note to self: It's a sharp -- like 90 degrees -- turn here to get to where they'll serve the ham loaf on October 15.
Van vs. Praha
Doesn't a driver get partial credit for dodging the speeding lamp post?
Bystanders at 4th and Allegheny. No alligators in sight
None of the bystanders saw any marauding alligators. No alligators were cited for disturbing the peace.
scarred exterior wall of Praha Hotel
The Praha Hotel is badly scarred but should survive. The best ham loaf in town is not served at the Praha, but a block away at the Central Presbyterian Church. October 15, 2005. In Tarentum.

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grampax9 said...

Clever! Any further developments in this cas?

W. said...

I am just so glad the Praha will survive. Thank goodness.

Stewart said...

Although there were an abundance of emergency vehicles at the scene, it did not appear that there were serious injuries. Neighborhood scuttlebut today gave me the explanation that the driver had had a seizure. So that exonerates the Brackenridge gators.