Saturday, September 17, 2005

Habitat for Humanity of Allegheny Valley to participate in hurricane relief

Logo for Habitat for Humanity of Allegheny ValleyA press release from Habitat for Humanity International describes a three-fold response to assist throughout the Gulf Coast region following Hurricane Katrina.

The first phase of the response will be to help the affected Habitat affiliates to restore. It has been reported that some of the Gulf Coast affiliates lost half the homes they had built.

The second phase will be to work as a catalyst with many organizations, governments, corporations, and foundations to address low-income housing and plan for recovery on a scaale Habitat could not do alone.

The third phase will be for many affiliates around the country to pre-build homes, then disassemble them and place them in containers that can be shipped to the affected areas. Habitat's "Operation Home Delivery" is the name of this home-in-a-box project.

The local affiliate, Habitat for Humanity of Allegheny Valley will participate in this response. At this time donations should be made to Habitat for Humanity International, and mention the local affiliate.

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