Friday, September 02, 2005

Memories of Tarentum a source of hope

Harrison's Mens Wear on Corbet Street in TarentumWalter Harrison, the President of the University of Hartford, in Hartford, Connecticut has memories of growing up above Harrisons Mens Wear in Tarentum when it was on Fifth Avenue. The family business had been owned by his grandfather, then by his father and uncle. He left Tarentum in 1964 to attend Trinity College in Hartford.

His memories of the unique character of a small town with streets lined with hard-working small businesses inspired his leadership of the University of Hartford's involvement with the revitalization of the Upper Albany Avenue neighborhood in Hartford.

Memories of Tarentum inspire the transformation of a neighborhood in another state. Those of us in Tarentum should also allow those memories to energize us in our efforts for the development of Tarentum.

Harrison's story was originally published in the Hartford Courant, but is no longer available on that site. The column was republished in the University of Hartford's Observer Magazine, and is available here.

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