Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flexible responses needed to Hurricane Katrina

Yesterday I received an email message from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Rapid Information Network. Apparently the specific kinds of shelter kits Central Presbyterian Church is preparing for PDA are not needed there now. We are encouraged to find a local agency who can use them. If we fail to find a local recipient we are encouraged to pack and store the kits, and to notify PDA of the number and type of kits we have ready to ship when they are needed. More news will follow as we identify a local recipient of the shelter kits already made and assembled.

This is a similar piece of news to that in a front page story in today's Valley News-Dispatch, describing the primary need of the disaster response agencies for money, given the shifting needs for specific supplies and materials.

Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum will continue to receive monetary gifts for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and to encourage the congregation members to give either through the local church or directly to PDA.

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