Friday, September 02, 2005

pastoral letter to Presbyterian congregations after Hurricane Katrina

A pastoral letter to Presbyterian congregations included excerpts from an email message from the Reverend Jean Marie Peacock, Vice-Moderator of the 216th General Assembly (2004), and associate pastor of the Lakeview Presbyterian Church in New Orleans. She reports that she is safe at the home of her parents but that she believes that her home and the whole neighborhood of the church she serves is under water. The letter, signed by Rick Ufford-Chase, Cliff Kirkpatrick, and John Detterick, asks Presbyterians to be in prayer and thanks them for what they are already doing to help in the aftermath of Katrina.

The letter encourages Presbyterians to use the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance website for daily situation reports and guidance for how to be of help.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has also established an online forum that can be used as a contact point for Presbyterians displaced by Hurricane Katrina. While this may be of very limited use to people without electricity or the internet, it may become more useful as refugees are brought out of the disaster zone.

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