Monday, September 26, 2005

Three wishes for New Kensington - a time for dreaming

Three Wishes logoToday's Valley News Dispatch has an article "Searching for Wishes" about the need for nominations from the New Kensington area for the new NBC television show "Three Wishes." The show debuted Friday evening with stories in which Amy Grant, the host of the show, granted three wishes in a California town. The producers are interested in shooting an episode somewhere in the New Kensington area. New Kensington is very close to this virtual park bench, so this news prompts some dreaming about possibilities.

The VND article has contact information and instructions for those wishing to nominate a deserving individual or a whole community for the program. The wishes must be specific

The VND article mentions the Alle-Kiski Learning Center in Arnold as a possible recipient of a gift of a new learning center with childcare space. I admire the work they do on literacy which broadens the horizons of so many in the area. Their GED programs also help many to be able to enter the job market.

One crazy wish that I have thought of has to do with our local Habitat for Humanity of Allegheny Valley. The region would certainly benefit from having someone do something nice for us, but there is even more benefit for the area when people work together and make new connections around a shared task. The local Habitat affiliate wants to increase its capacity for building homes, and it is also participating in "Operation Home Delivery", which will involve pre-building a home here, disassembling the components, and shipping them in a container to a Habitat affiliate in the Gulf Coast region to assist that affiliate in getting back on its feet after the devastating storms. What if "Three Wishes" provided the materials for our local affiliate to organize volunteers to assemble the "home in a box?" It would stretch the local affiliate, but in a direction the local affiliate definitely wants to stretch.

What ideas and dreams do you have? You can certainly share them on this blog, but your ideas will have the most impact if you share them directly with NBC following the directions here.

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