Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shelter kits for hurricane survivors

Central Presbyterian Church started making shelter kits and Hope-in-a-box kits for Hurricane Katrina survivors. As described in this post, we learned that Presbyterian Disaster Assistance was not going to be able to accept them. After searching for a way to get the kits to hurricane survivors in the Gulf Coast region we have made contact with UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, which is able to receive the kits we have made.

Presbyterians and United Methodists work together on many worthwhile projects and it is wonderful to discover that our ecumenical connections continue to extend our mutual outreach to the world in this way.

So far, under the guidance of our Deacons, we have made 23 Personal Health Kits and 17 Hope-in-a-Box kits (for children). The Deacons are collecting more materials to complete incomplete shelter kits, so our small church hopes to make an additional 18 Personal Health Kits and and 15 Hope-in-a-box kits.

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