Saturday, September 17, 2005

Zoundry responds with a solution to my folksonomy issue

Zoundry logoWow! barely two weeks after a major update the Zoundry team has responded with a new build (0.9.126) that can be configured to set up categories for my Blogger based blog using my tagspace.

The solution is described here, and spelled out in more detail here.

Once again, the new build of Zoundry Blog writer installed easily. Editing the Myquicklinks file as suggested was fairly easy, and I was glad their instructions reminded me to test out the edited xml file in Internet Explorer before running Zoundry.

This is the kind of responsiveness by which the Zoundry team has impressed me, especially given that they picked up my need from my review of the last major update.

This is my first post using the new feature (and adding a new category to my tagspace). See how nicely it works!

Update 10-06-05. I originally learned about making the tags from this article.

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