Friday, July 15, 2005

Things to do in downtown Tarentum after visiting the Galleria

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills offers a lot of shopping and entertainment opportunities, but after you've done everything offered at the mall, there will still be things left to do in downtown Tarentum.

For example, you might want to:
  1. Borrow a book from the Community Library

  2. Take a walk in the fresh air in an outdoor park with a view of the Allegheny River

  3. Go roller-skating at the Tarena

  4. Have an ice cream sundae in a genuine 1949 diner restored to its original specifications at the Gatto Cycle Diner

  5. Dine in a railroad station converted into a restaurant at the Tarentum Station

  6. Make or decorate ceramics at Joan's Kiln Korner

  7. Buy a uniform

  8. Rent contractor's equipment or party furnishings at A-1 Rental

  9. See a doctor or dentist

  10. Catch a public bus

  11. Worship at a church of your choice

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