Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Library tour

Library tour for Tarentum Genealogical SocietyThe July 2005 meeting of the Tarentum Genealogical Society was held on July 18 in its library, which is on the balcony of the Central Presbyterian Church in Tarentum. The program for this meeting was a tour of the holdings of the library.

The library has books on how to start doing genealogical research for those who are interested in charting their family tree. There are computer resources on CD, together with other microfilm and microfiche records. There are collections of obituaries, records from funeral homes, historical documents, guides to find local cemeteries, histories of nearby counties, and more.

resources at the Tarentum Genealogical Society libraryVisitors to the library are encouraged to sign a guest book indicating what they are researching. This is a helpful tool that helps them to network with others who may have already done research that intersects with theirs.

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