Sunday, July 10, 2005

Celebration of Small Church Ministry

Poster for Celebration of Small Church MinistryToday in Presbyterian Churches across the country there was a celebration of small church ministry.

At Central Presbyterian Church in Tarentum we celebrated what was happening in other small membership churches, and used worship materials prepared largely by the Small Church Committee in Cincinnati Presbytery.

Some of the highlights of this service of Holy Communion included:
  • An offertory in which "Beaner" Bergstrom played the piano in public for the first time, treating us to the "Canon in D" by Pachelbel;
  • Seeing a number of old friends who have not been able to be present on Sundays, but who worshipped with us today;
  • New visitors who live in the neighborhood and walked down the street to worship with us;
  • A young boy in the neighborhood who spontaneously showed up alone, wanted to see what was happening, and then stayed through most of the service;
  • In addition to the gorgeous weather, the recently planted Russian sage was blooming.
Sage in bloom

For a little more information about small churches, this is a nice article.

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