Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bells and Africa

African fabricThis morning the sanctuary at Central Presbyterian Church was decorated in preparation for our Vacation Bible School, "Serengeti Trek, where kids are wild about God." We had a mixture of decorations: some we made locally and some we borrowed from the Vacation Bible School done jointly by the Cheswick Presbyterian Church, the Springdale United Presbyterian Church, and the Springdale United Methodist Church.

animal tracksThe decorations included a length of African fabric, simulated animal tracks, a simulated acacia tree, and a large (but far from life-size) painting of a giraffe eating from the tree. One of the visitors this morning tried to stump me by asking for the name of the giraffe. If she really wanted me to be at a loss, she should have asked me which part the giraffe sang.

ringing bellsAs a special musical treat this morning, Roberta Erickson rang handbells for our prelude, anthem, and offertory. Roberta is now a member of the Oakmont Presbyterian Church, but was a child of Central Presbyterian Church.

Because our week-long Vacation Bible School begins tomorrow, we dedicated the teachers and volunteers during this worship service.

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