Saturday, July 23, 2005

Grandview Playground cleaned up

On Saturday, July 23, over fifty volunteers gathered at the Grandview Playground in Tarentum. The group included members of the Tarentum Borough Council, members of the Tarentum police force, members of the Highlands School Board, neighbors, parents, children, teenagers, and representatives of other community organizations.

They pulled weeds, swept debris, replaced gravel, repainted the playground, and built a new picnic table. This was a positive day for Tarentum with both good weather and good people cooperating to improve a playground used by many.
Mr. Graczyk, Principal, bringing a shovel
repainting the basketball post
raking and painting
Carl J. Magnetta is hands on with the picnic table project
Can a child use this table?
Getting paint to just the right spot
First coat of paint on the wall
Prepping the line striper
Pulling weeds
Pulling weeds
Weeding and sweeping
Measure twice, paint once
Ginger Mesnar Sopcak weeding
When life gives you a paint spill, make a blue star

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