Saturday, March 04, 2006


The reserved pastor on roller skatesSo this afternoon I was invited to a birthday party at the Tarena for an eight-year old.

I don't think I have gone rollerskating in around 25 years. It is loads of fun.

Just to prove that I have a semblance of a sense of balance, a friend took a few pictures of me out on the floor.

Just to prove that I'm honest, the following picture shows what the Tarena looks like when the reserved pastor is flat on his backside.
A view of the Tarena from the floor.
When I was at the Tarena today there were two birthday parties going on, lots of kids and families having a good time. There were also some very experienced skaters out on the floor showing some of the things that were possible on inline skates. It was a very wholesome environment.

The experience leaves me wondering why Mayor Wolfe keeps complaining at every Council meeting about how terrible it will be if Tarentum ends up with a skateboard park. At the last Council meeting he made it sound as if the Tarena was a serious problem. I did not see any problems today, and I certainly did not see anyone call the police to claim that there were problems there.

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