Thursday, March 08, 2007

The March of the Penguins

The local news this week has been full of news about the circus surrounding speculation about whether the Penguins will leave Pittsburgh. Monday the big news was about the letter from the Penguins owners to local officials saying that the Penguins will "aggressively pursue relocation". Then the governor got into the act, threatening to ask the NHL to stop the move, and holding a special meeting today.

I imagine these people think they are accomplishing something by trying to make this a matter of high drama. But I don't think they realize how ridiculous it looks for obscenely wealthy people to be begging for public handouts, and then complaining if the handouts are not big enough. Some of the public are tired of listening to the whining. If the Penguins want to go, then just go.

Meanwhile, there have been a number of positive things happening around Tarentum.

At Central Presbyterian Church we had some new visitors for our Tuesday Evening Meal and Ministry.

On Wednesday at noon Rev. Jim Gascoine, pastor of Center United Methodist Church, preached at the Community Lenten Service hosted by the First Baptist Church in Tarentum. He spoke about the Discovery Channel's program about the alleged discovery of Jesus' tomb, and encouraged people to share what they know of their faith with others.

On Wednesday afternoon we went ahead with Grand Central Station even though the Highlands School District cancelled school because of snow; the snow was melting in the sun by 3:00 PM. None of the young people from Highlands came that evening, but we had a new youngster come from across the river.

My own cardiac rehab is going very well as I approach the end of the program.

Marion V. spent Wednesday in the ICU after mixing bleach and drain cleaner. Today she seems to be improving, and is out of the ICU.

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