Monday, March 26, 2007

Pictures of lock-out at James E. Wolfe Park in Tarentum

closed sign at James E. Wolfe ParkThis post is to show some of the pictures that document what I found when I checked out the lock-out at Tarentum's public skateboard park, the James E. Wolfe Park.

I mentioned that a skater had already been in to clean up the mess found in the morning. The next three photos show the condition in which the park remained locked.

a clean skateboard park

a clean skateboard park

a clean skateboard park with a couple of leaves

As an example of unequal treatment, I share this photo of the litter at the playground in Riverview Park. The litter on the ground included children's cups from Wendy's. No one has put up signs warning the responsible adults at the playground that it will be closed if they don't pick up after themselves and their children.


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