Sunday, March 18, 2007

Urban Fusion Cafe

Yesterday I discovered the Urban Fusion Cafe with an actual visit. I had known for a long time about the Union Project and that there was a cafe in the building. I drive by the location on my way to the hospitals in Oakland, but usually am so focused on my destination that I don't think to stop. Yesterday it was past my lunch time when I finished a hospital call and was on my way home. When I noticed a sign outside announcing that the cafe was open I decided to use some of the street parking to stop and check it out. Was I ever glad I did.

The menu was filled with interesting and creative sandwiches. I tried one of the panitos, and was very pleased with the bold flavors.

There was a computer connected to the internet, available for the use of paying customers. I relaxed for a couple minutes while my meal was being made and checked on a couple matters online.

Overall the setting was very relaxing, so I think this will become one of the places I plan to stop on trips into Oakland. If it has its own parking lot, I did not see it; but there is plenty of on-street parking around the corner of Negley and Stanton in the Highland Park neighborhood.

Jason G. is waiting on a cardiac unit for a heart transplant.

Marion V. continues to improve slowly and the family is beginning to make plans for her discharge.

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