Sunday, April 29, 2007

Family vacation: Odds and ends from Myrtle Beach

While on vacation with my family I saw a few miscellaneous odd things.

OD LION signAt night it became clear that two lights were out for letters in the sign for the supermarket where I did some shopping, apparently changing its name to "OD LION".

Shopping at the OD LION was almost like being at home because the cashier's voice at the self-checkout lane was the same one I had grown used to hearing at the Giant Eagle in New Kensington. Except she asked me for my MVP card instead of my Giant Eagle Advantage Card. She must really get around.

Sign directing the way to restrooms in the Murrells Inlet Dunkin Donuts.; mural showing young boy urinating on grass.Also, the expeditionary force that went out after doughnuts for Donut Day came back talking about something they had seen inside the Dunkin Donuts restaurant. When I was able to get to the Dunkin Donuts myself, I found this mural being used to direct the way to the rest rooms.

I know I have seen cute artwork like this inside the restrooms of many establishments. But there was something a bit unpalatable about seeing this mural on the wall outside the restrooms.

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