Monday, April 23, 2007

Family vacation: traditions

This year our family continued a number of traditions from last year. We did skip Hospital Day; no one needed to go to the hospital all week.

Ben & Jerry's at Broadway at the BeachA new tradition this year was Ice Cream Day, which we observed on the day that the local Ben & Jerry's was giving away free ice cream cones to all visitors while asking for donations for a local charity that supported sports programs for special children.

We did observe Tolerate Stewart's Cooking Day by allowing me to fix chili for everyone.

Waffle House Day, 2007 - the whole groupWe got everyone together for Waffle House Day. Five sat at a counter, five in one booth, and four in a third booth. As last year, we had an informal contest to see which group would fit the most plates on their table. Waffle House serves the items for many meals on separate plates.

Thirteen plates for five people.The group of five who sat at the counter won with 13 plates.

I don't think everyone was competing seriously in this informal contest. The results were really an accident of what the people at each table wanted to eat, and how many plates that would require.

The multiple plates, that make so much sense to us with our Western style of eating together, look odd when we eat as a group and struggle to find space for them on the small amount of table space. But they must look truly strange to people from cultures where a family meal is eaten from a common bowl.

Donut Day 2007We also made a point of having Donut Day last week. A team went out to secure two dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (Krispy Kreme had some kind of special offer involving a free dozen) and one dozen doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts. They came back with hats from Krispy Kreme, and some of us wore them during breakfast.

Krispy Kreme FlamingoBut not all of us wore the hats. As a result, there was a hat left over for the Krispy Kreme Flamingo.

Saturday was Start Saying Goodbye Day, when three cars headed out, one south and two north. (I stayed an extra night with my parents.) On Saturday the cars left very early in the morning, so we made a point of getting our group pictures on Friday evening.

Family picture

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