Monday, April 23, 2007

Family vacation: return to Pittsburgh

My flight from Myrtle Beach to Pittsburgh at the end of the vacation was uneventful. When I arrived the pilot did announce that we were in Pittsburgh, but I had a number of experiences that drove home the fact that I was back in Allegheny County.

On my way to the main terminal and baggage claim I encountered statues of Franco Harris and George Washington side by side. I don't think I had any chance at all of seeing that in Myrtle Beach.

Franco Harris and George Washington at the Pittsburgh International Airport

Right after that I encountered the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Nope, I saw no T-Rex at the Myrtle Beach airport.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Then, after getting my luggage, and retrieving my car from the parking lot, I started driving home. As I was driving on Routes 22 and 30 I saw a car pulled over, and a police vehicle behind it. The police officer did not appear to have pulled the car over, so I glanced in my rear-view mirror after passing, and saw what I would recognize on the evening news as this car. The hole in the car's windshield explained as much as I needed to know without hearing the story on the news. I was back in Allegheny County, where, if the rockslides on Route 28 don't kill me, I still need to watch out for those malicious individuals who deliberately throw dangerous objects at cars on the highway. The rest of my drive home, I watched every overpass just to be safe.

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