Friday, April 13, 2007

Some things you have to wait for; and sometimes the wait gets shorter

Deciding to restrict traffic to one lane in both directions?

That's an act of PennDOT.

Nevertheless, I refuse to blame them for the current inconvenience -- and when I say "inconvenience," I mean inconvenience in the same way that having one's teeth pulled without the benefit of Novocaine could be considered an inconvenience.

- Matt Sober, in "This season think orange"

The delays from the road project along Route 28 are by now legendary in the Valley. Even PennDOT admits that none of its projects in 2007 will be more disruptive to motorists in Allegheny County. There is more waiting to come.

But there will be a lot less waiting for the people who have been asking when the next ham loaf dinner at Central Presbyterian Church will be. It is now less than a month away, on Saturday, May 12.

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