Saturday, April 22, 2006


In online lingo AFK is the abbreviation for Away From Keyboard.

Over the next week or so I am not going to be able to give much attention to the blog, and may not post much.

Comment moderation is on, but I won't be as prompt as in the past in reviewing submitted comments and making decisions about publishing them.

For those of you dying to make comments, please remember that I have raised concerns a number of times about people abusing anonymity. It does not take long to create a blogger account with a name that could consistently identify the person commenting. When you post comments you also have the possibility of choosing "Other" and typing in a name you want to use for the post. I simply don't have a lot of patience for people using their own anonymity to make numerous statements against individuals they name.

If you want to create a Blogger account, Blogger will offer you the chance to make your own blog. If you don't want your own, you can just close the window when you get to that point, and you will still have the Blogger account you created, complete with the possibility of a picture or logo (just edit your profile) that can appear on all your posts.

There are still many ethical issues around using pseudonyms. (Take a look at this for example.) But if you pick a name to use consistently, and no one else tries to put on the same mask, it is at least possible to have some kind of conversation.

Be patient while I'm AFK. I will get back to you.

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