Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Don't let Elmer Fudd know

As I left the meeting of the Board of Deacons last night I saw some wildlife scampering around in the parking lot of the Senior Center. In the twilight they seemed to be moving and playing like squirrels, only bigger.

It was not until I got my car's headlights on them that I verified that I was seeing at least three rabbits running up and down East Third Avenue.

I think they were safe. None of the local alligators were in sight.

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rbobrukiewicz said...

i hope those bunnies were ok

Stewart said...

They were ok when I last saw them. They were not playing in traffic, but were running along the sidewalk or in the parking lots. I did not see if they looked both ways before crossing any streets.

Darren said...

Those might have been the three rabbits that were living under the rhododendron in the backyard of my 2nd Avenue home.

The bunnies were here for several weeks and then they moved on. The folks next door at the Golden Tower liked to watch them chase each other and lounge around on the grass. As did I.

Nice blog. Glad I found it.