Friday, April 21, 2006

Pittsburgh Presbytery meeting 04-06: 2. Worship

Worship was an important part of the meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary on April 20, 2006. Worship began as quickly as possible after the convening of the meeting, and set the tone for our time together. Unlike other occasions for Presbytery worship, we had no printed bulletin; all of the worship resources were projected on the screen at the front of the room.

Mime group from the First Presbyterian Church of DuquesneAssociate Pastor of the Presbytery Judi Slater preached a sermon "Bearers of Good News" based on Mark 16:9-15.

At the conclusion of the sermon she introduced the mime group from the First Presbyterian Church of Duquesne. The mimes performed a piece entitled "People Need the Lord." They depicted people with various forms of sadness, need, or enmity, who were each changed as they gave their hearts to the Lord.

Mime group from First Presbyterian Church of Duquesne concluding "People Need the Lord."As the final scene in their performance they left the stage; each selected one person from the audience who was invited to join in their ministry of reconciliation.

This inspiring worship service ended before 1:30, leaving the Presbytery ready to consider how we could be bearers of Good News during the rest of the meeting.

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